Fireworks in Cannes

In the summer almost every week there are fantastic Fireworks, next to the harbor, right in the Bay of Cannes. Experiencing this from the sea, amongst many yachts straight under the fireworks is like a fairytale. We propose this unique possibilty to our guests and to be flabbergasted by the unqie view. The fireworks moves on music and many thousands of people gather on the boulevard of Cannes to see and hear this spectacle. There will be hundreds of boats all around us. During the Fireworks all in the dark but with the music that supports the Fireworks on Cannes Radio.

There is no standard catering so you can bring in your own F&B. There are two small fridges on board. The Fireworks starts about 10 PM and we leave the harbor at 8PM to make sure you have a good place.

We can offer some catering according to your wishes and the possibilties on board.

The fireworks in Cannes are very popular and there are always many boats and yachts. After the fireworks we prefer to return to the harbor when ‘traffic’ allows us to go back in all safety. We will be back at the latests around midnight.